Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So alone....

So alone in my bed
Alone listening to nightly whispers
Alone in my thoughts
Alone standing in court
Alone I stand and fight
Alone I pray for rainbow lights

Alone in the morning I awake
Alone I celebrate my joys
Alone I cry out my sadness
Alone I voice out my fears
Alone in strenght

Alone in wealth
Alone in good health
Alone I try to understand
Alone I seek knowledge
Alone I share what is mine
Alone I try not to be alone
Alone when my time has come, I pass away

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I need a path...

I need a path that will lead me to success....
A path that I can take that will result in no stress!
I need a path that will lead me to many blessings
A path that will allow me to learn different lessons
I need a path that will teach me right from wrong
A path where I can listenin to music an play my favorite song
I need a path that will lead me to happiness
A path that's painless
I need a path that will lead me to answers to all my wonders
A path where I will see lots of sunshine an little thunder
I need a path that will allow me to help others
A path where I can be a rolemodel for all my sisiters and brothers
I need a path that will allow me to be independent
A path where I'll make my own money so how I want is how I'll spend it
I need a path that will allow me to feel protected and secure
A path that I'll take an I'll kno its the right one for sure
I need a path that will lead me to success
I need a path.......

Wont Change

I will be me tomorrow and today
This is who I am everyday, all day
I wont change for anyone
I will be me this month and this year
This is who I am for life
I wont change for anyone even if I thought twice
I will be me sooner and later
This is who I am, if not greater
I won't change for anyone
I will be me every minute every hour
This is who I am, watch me grow like a flower
I won't change for anyone
I will be me in the past and present
This is who I am, unwrapped like a presant
And I won't change for anyone!

taste of 18

Taste of 18

taste of taste
different with every gulp

thats illegal
your not 21 yet at all

that it not right
you make no sense

friend who is 18
is allowed to go join the army

to die for his country
yet not allowed to have a drink

That is preposterous!
That is unjust!

look at us that way
and maybe we will have something great to say one day

and you will sit and listen
for the first time


I remember the days
Along time ago
We were just friends
But little did we know

Best friends
Is what we became
From that point on
Things were never the same

Fun times
And crazy nights
Many things said
And just a few fights

Secrets shared
And tears shed
Memories made
And nothing said

Girls in our lives
And not enough time
Girls soon gone
And it's the same old rhyme

But no matter what happens
We'll always be friends
And get through it all
Right till the end

This I promise
Till the day I die
Your my best friend
And that isn't a lie.

Because Really You Only Need You

Beauty inspires without trying
Warmth touches without knowing
Your gift shines on us all
Brings both to us from afar

Splendor just below the surface
Love waiting for a chance
Lucky to be in your path
The one that becomes your man

Your thoughts caress my life
Bringing light to my dark
For all that you've given me
You have a place in my heart
Looking out across the vast ocean
I wonder what you are doing
I tell the wind to find you
And whisper gently in you ear
That I am thinking about you

Looking up at the star covered sky
I know that you are sound asleep
I tell the moon to find you
And watch over you as you dream
A dream that keeps you warm at night

In the morning the birds sing
As the tide retreats to where it came
I tell the sun to wake you gently
Brush your hair from your eyes
With a warm gentle hand

I hope each day that you wake
Is happier than the day before
The sun warms you, the wind cools you
The ocean calms your inner storm
As I send all my cuddles from the other shore