Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i love to be alone

I did not see it, therefore it did not happen.
I did not see the death of one.
I did not witness the extermination of millions.
I did not write the history, therefore it is false.
I will not believe what I did not write.

I did not sanction a soldier to die for me; I am free by my own accord.
I do not see the sacrifice of millions or feel the pain of their suffering.
I did not cry for lost.
I will not cry for those I did not know.
I did not hear it, therefore it did not occur.

I need not be grateful for those who came before me.
I need not be grateful to those who greeted me with freedom.
I need no one to guide me through life.
I ask no one for help with the inequities of living.
I will not acknowledge the assistance for the free way of thinking I enjoy.
I did not ask for help, therefore I am myself.

I am me.
I am not lonely.
I need no one for help or love.
I love nothing for there is nothing to love.
I am not emotional, therefore I need no one.

I am isolated from humanity.
I am isolated from myself.
I therefore am not allowing myself to feel.
I will not feel for those who died before me.
I will not grieve for the sacrifice others have made for me.
I will remain lonely.

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